Monday, January 10, 2005

The Matriarchs:Denthead, Scarchest, Claudia

84 2-? Scarchest 650
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Several other seals look a lot like Stevie Wonder. They have what I call a "grizzled" appearance and I thought of them as the matriarch of the group. There is Scarchest, who may have been menopausal, since she had no pups while I was there. I recognized her by a little scar mid-chest which you can see if you click on the picture. That will take you to the larger version on flickr

The same with Claudia. She had a similar grizzled appearance and much like Stevie Wonder and Scarchest. She did not have any pups either in the time I was there.
Claudia female 2/21/85
Denthead was the third grizzled female she was a good deal larger than Scarchest and Claudia but look very similar. Each one has some distinguishing feature which allowed me to tell these four seals apart even though they had the same pelage coloration.
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