Sunday, October 24, 2004

Resume of my adult life

Timeline of how I got from there to here. (Vermont teaching nursery school-->Maine studying seals)

- studied anthropology in college
- Married, worked with my 1st husband in VISTA (Domestic Peace Corp) at Santo Domingo Pueblo
- had a son and learned to mother... a full time job

1972- 1978
- got a masters in early childhood education and taught nursery school
- read Amos and Boris (William Steig) aloud to my son: the story about a mouse who is rescued by a whale and returns the favor.
- began to read all I could about whales, first in response to the nursery school kids fascination and then it bloomed into a fascination of my own
- went to a whale symposium in Bloomington Indiana (1973), the first gathering of marine mammal researchers and whale watch boat operators plus artists teachers and whale protection advocates
- agumented the whale curriculum from the symposium and brought it to my students plus several schools in Vermont.
- spent two weeks on the Regina Maris with Earthwatch, studying humpback whales on banks north of the Dominican Republic.
- and 6 weeks in the Bering Sea with NOAHH doing a Bowhead Whale survey
- went back to graduate school in Environmental Education

- divorced and moved to Maine where I worked for SALT teaching environmental education to teenagers "at risk"
- a lobsterman introduced me to the Strawberry Island seal haul out when I ran out of field trip ideas for my students.
- the SALT program folded (government funds withdrawn), and I continued observations on my own for the next 8 years.
- during the summer of 1986 and 1987 I worked as naturalist on a whale watch boat out of Kennebunkport, my son spent one of those summers as first mate on the boat which made even richer an already amazing experience.

- my second husband and I moved to downeast Maine and I started observing a second group of seals. This haulout is very different from the one in Kennebunkport:
- K'portt faced into open ocean, here ... a well protected bay.
- K'port used year round, here ...used from May through August
- K'port a mix of males and females with only a few pups seen each year, here ...a pupping ledge, the population is mostly female.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! i get to be an anonymouse!
i like your blog so far and i like how excited you get when you talk about it.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Leon said...

Hi Gale, I will answer your email when I can. Short tutorial for you. Add "Flickr" and "blogging" to your interests in your profile. Because of spelling differences add "seals" as well. Clicking on an interest is like clicking on a flickr tag. Make sure 'share my profile is checked so people find your blog when they click on 'humpback whales' (for example). (Blog Links) is my resource page for bloggers.

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Blogger Chris Moonbeams said...

Hi, I was just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

This is one to watch.


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